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      Country Info >> Argentina

      Argentina, the second largest and third most populous country in Latin America, is considered a regional leader in a number of areas, including in the DRTV industry.   Argentina benefits from rich natural resources, a highly literate population, an export-oriented agricultural sector, and a diversified industrial base.

      Sources include CIA-The World Factbook

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      Country Statistics

      Buenos Aires
      Government Type
      President Kirchner
      Primary Religion(s)
      Roman Catholic (92%)

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      About Us


      Tevecompras is the leading direct marketing company in Argentina and the largest buyer of  DRTV products in the country, with headquarters in Argentina and great influence in  bordering countries like Uruguay and Paraguay.

      With its own call center, logistics and the distribution in all channels in the territory, Tevecompras gives a complete satisfaction and quality products to the local customers, and offers  a full guarantee to suppliers from all over the world.


      Tevecompras es  la empresa l¨ªder en Argentina de Marketing Directo, y el mayor distribuidor de productos DRTV en el pa¨ªs, con base en Argentina y gran influencia en pa¨ªses vecinos como Uruguay y Paraguay.


      Tevecompras ofrece a todos sus consumidores un alt¨ªsimo nivel de satisfacci¨®n y calidad de producto, gracias a su exclusivo call center, su log¨ªstica y una amplia distribuci¨®n de canales a lo largo de todo el territorio, y total garant¨ªa a los proveedores de todo el mundo.


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