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      About Us



      Januca Marketing Groups purpose is to satisfy client needs in innovative, unique, and easy to use products.


      The confidence of our clients has allowed is to expand our sales presence in retail, product catalogues, Multicanal magazine (with a 50,000 household distribution), bank promotions, comprehensive website, and a call center with an database containing an expansive client information including all parts of Paraguay.


      We are committed to helping consumers have the most efficient shopping experiences by providing the best products, guaranteeing security with post sale services, and a dedication to the very best in customer service.


      Our History


      Januca Marketing Group has been the only company dedicated the Direct Response television market in Paraguay for over 10 years.

      Our Capabilities


      • Transmit DR programs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on Canal 5, Multicanal
      • Program DRTV shows on open and cable channels
      • Produce DR short form commercials and infomercials
      • Possess our own TV studio with digital equipment
      • Host online shopping website with 24/7 access to consumers
      • Have a presence all over the country due to international media presence
      • Work with a Call Center specializing in telemarketing  and use Januca Marketings  system specializing in Paraguays household statistics
      • Distribute the largest variety of products in Paraguay including: beauty, fitness, diet, jewelry, fashion, electronic, home, and music.

      Visit us on the web at:

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