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      LMS is committed to facilitating the relationship between global product suppliers and the LMS Group of Participants. Your success as a supplier translates into better media performance for our participant/clients.

      Through this site, you can now create a micro-site for your company and place all of your marketing and sales information into an area the LMS Group of Participants recognizes as their centralized library of product information. Imagine the number of emails you?ll save by having the information already immediately accessible to your buyers!

      To get started, you can even CREATE YOUR SITE NOW and then contact LMS for the terms of agreement and pricing schedule. We are confident you?ll find this service invaluable and the terms more than reasonable. Get started today!

      Tour Features For Your Site
      Put Your Logo On Your Site
      So how does your website work?
      Be up and running in just minutes!
      Create your site in as little as 30 minutes. Save it and contact LMS to enable it
      within 48 hours.

      Features Demo Full Version
      Add Your Logo
      Add Information About Your Company
      Add Base Product(s) Including:
      US Pricing
      FOB Pricing
      Upsell Products
      Marketing Materials: Including radio ads, upsell scripts, infomercial data, and print ads in English, Spanish and Portuguese
      Target Consumer Info
      Shipping Information
      Product Dimensions
      FAQs About Your Product
      Trademark Documents
      Patent Documents
      Contact LMS
      (one-time set-up fee per company, annual fee per product)
      Pick which participants see each product site  

      Next Step

      Build and Save Your Site Now in Minutes. (No Commitment until you decide you like it!)
Start Here.
      Contact LMS first for Pricing Schedule & Terms.
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